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Peace Within:
Even When Life is Crazy 

This program is for women who are feeling burned out and drained by recurring emotions and want more peace, calm, and joy in their lives.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Make yourself a priority and create daily habits that support your well-being.
  • Turn off the distractions and turn on your inner peace, calm, and joy.
  • Experience a more balanced, joyful, and enriching life by seamlessly integrating nature into your daily routine. Even if you don’t consider yourself an outdoorsy person, this program offers innovative ways to connect with nature and reap its incredible benefits.
  • Discover how immersing yourself in the natural world can improve your mental and physical well-being, boost your creativity, and enhance your overall quality of life. 
  • Uncover the hidden benefits of connecting with nature so you can thrive!

By the end of this program, you’ll have a personalized plan to ignite more peace and joy in your life without drama, self-sacrifice, or feeling guilty about it.

Benefits of this Program:

🦋 Improved concentration and focus

🦋 Find peace in your heart

🦋 Expansion of creativity

🦋 Healthy heart

🦋 Relax and drop those shoulders (do you “wear your shoulders as earrings,” too?)

🦋 Boost to the immune system

🦋 Forgiveness of self and others

🦋 Reduced stress

What is Included:

  • Seven weekly calls (live Zoom calls on Wednesdays at 9 am PT/ 12 noon ET – find your time zone here)
  • Recordings of the live sessions will be available
  • Access to a supportive community, if you choose to join
  • This programs includes access to me via Voxer voice from Monday through Friday, allowing you to ask questions and receive feedback (I will respond to messages within 48 hours)

You will also receive access to: 

  • Choose Your Own Adventure Journal ($49 value)
  • Get Out in Nature 5-day Challenge ($149 value)
  • Reignite Your Joy Journal Prompts ($49 value)
  • Self-care practices to do more in your business ($79 value)
  • Fun with Herbs home study program ($149 value)

This program is an unparalleled investment in your journey toward inner peace and emotional stability. With the tools and techniques offered, you will gain a sense of calm and confidence that will help you manage overwhelming situations and negative emotions that have held you back in the past.

Additionally, you have the option to join a supportive community of individuals who are also committed to their healing journey, providing a valuable network of like-minded peers. The benefits of this program are immeasurable, and the investment is $297 for this life-changing program and the impact it will have on your overall well-being.

and About Your Trainer

Dortha Hise

Hi, I’m Dortha… I’m the Director of Adventure at Summit to Your Success and I’ll be your coach and guide on this journey.

I’m a lifelong nature lover and I have a passion for making mental health a priority. I’ve been practicing self-care, and, using nature as a tool for healing for most of my life. I’m excited to share my knowledge and experience with you. As someone who has struggled with profound grief, loss, anxiety, and burnout, I know firsthand the transformative power of connecting with nature. I’m here to guide you on your journey of finding balance, grounding yourself, and creating your own oasis in the midst of the chaos of life.

A little bit about my journey & how I got into this work…

After enduring multiple devastating personal I also lost my voice literally. I thought it was a simple case of laryngitis or bronchitis…as it turns out, it was not simple… I was diagnosed with a neurological condition called Abductor Spasmodic Dysphonia (“AB SD”). AB SD prevented me from using the phone or speaking normally or being easily heard in a room with a lot of ambient noise. While this presented me with a lot of challenges, I am grateful for this experience as it has heightened my sense of hearing, and most importantly, my ability to listen deeply.

Always the positive thought leader, I remained a high achiever through circumstances that would have knocked many down without feeling overwhelmed. I understand the mindset of high achievers fully and how to optimize their businesses for maximum performance; however, I observed that the overwhelm did not always go away. 

After going on a 3-day backpacking trip in 2015, I fully experienced the healing power that nature brought; I had done it naturally with techniques developed both strategically and intuitively… I set an intention to be open to whatever I was meant to receive on that trip. When I returned home, I understood that to be what expanded my resilience and that the final act of letting go brought the ultimate antidote to overwhelm.

Now a certified coach, I teach others to do the same in my Choose Your Own Adventure Healing Portal bringing about entire mindset shifts and personal transformation of those who lead, helping them serve the world at their best.